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  1. Since 2000, we've inspired thousands of travelers with thousands of travel articles, images from around the world, and ideas for the next great place to go.
  2. A collaborative travel guide for long-term budget travelers and backpackers. We're a global community of budget travelers, backpackers, and experience seekers. We write our own guidebooks by sharing real knowledge about places we discover. We're a community of backpackers working together to create the world's largest non-corporate travel guide for long-term budget travelers. Our online travel guides are compiled entirely from the tips, advice, and photos submitted by thousands of independent travelers all over the world.
  3. The Contrarian Traveler is a resource site for unique and budget friendly travel opportunities. The constantly updated resources listed here are a collection of tools to help you plan and choose your travel itinerary. A bi-monthly blog includes the latest deals on vacation packages and last minute travel. The blog also discusses novel destinations and opportunities for the traveler to pursue quests of particular interest. Included is information about tours and excursions that concentrate on subjects such as the arts, history, anthropology/archeology, sports/recreation and the environment.
  4. Backpacking travel tips, forums, and guide for vagabonding around the world! Friendly advice for packing and trip planning from veteran budget travelers.
  5. Backpacking and Budget Travel
  6. Advice on independent budget travel (aka backpacking). A guide to what to pack, where to go, pre-trip, costs, health and all you might find on the road.
  7. Guide to backpacking with information and hostel listings for a variety of countries worldwide as well as gap year advice, what to pack, preparation, travel and transport tips.
  8. Backpacking New Zealand independent travel guide dedicated to budget travel in NZ
  9. Passplanet is a free practical travel guide that offers the latest backpacking information about Asia & Central America : 15 countries & 230 places precisely covered plus surveys, photos, essay, etc.
  10. Budget travel guide for travel addicts with advice on backpacking around the world on a budget.

NEW Links

  1. Unbiased news and tips for traveling alone, including listings of tours and cruises just for singles, single-friendly travel-related companies, resorts, lodges, spas as well as first-hand destination reports and solo travel tales.
  2. Backpacking across Europe. Tips for backpacking, youth hostels and backpackers hostels across Europe. Includes hostels in Europe for a backpack, budget or student trip.
  3. The Backpackers Ultimate Guide to Europe
  4. SoundGuides are an innovative new approach to Travel. They're a cross between an audio book and a radio play and while we cover the basics as you might expect that's only the beginning. Yeah we give you the facts but more importantly we give you the drama, the stories, the tears and the glory. Using audio gives us the opportunity to provide a sound track to your imagination. SoundGuides make you see things differently.
  5. Dedicated to independent explorers, backpackers, budget travellers…and to all travelling in Europe.
  6. What is a Funky Traveller? Well it's someone who loves to travel and have fun, check out new places, meet new faces and make a difference. The Funky Traveller is a site for the independent traveller. It is an evolving collection of travel photos, travel articles and diaries, info on various places that we have visited and links to other travel sites.
  7. Backpacking and hostelling information, tips, and links for student and budget travelers planning a trip to Europe.
  8. World Backpackers is a backpacking guide to help the independent traveller prepare for his travels: backpacking information with travel tips and budget advice.
  9. MyFunkyTravel is and always will be focused on backpacking and budget travel. We offer tips and suggested routes to travellers and welcome interesting contributions from budding bloggers and pretty much anyone passionate about travel.
  10. Backpacker Planet aims to be a combined portal, guide and meeting place for backpackers, budget travellers and independent travellers from all over the world. If you like budget travel or independent travel; Backpacker Planet is the portal for you. Until now this english version only has a few features - in the near future sections like: Travel mate, Bulletin board, Cheap airlines and more will be added together with an advanced community.
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  1. Deze website gebruikt cookies. Door deze website verder te gebruiken, gaat u akkoord met ons gebruik van cookies.
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