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If you are planning a trip to Nepal there are a few things that will make your trip much more pleasant. Here is a list of a few of them. Maybe you can think of some more, and if so, please add them.
1. If you are coming here and will do some trekking go to a medical supply store, usually attached to a hospital and buy some body wash like they use for sick people that doesn’t need to be rinsed out. You can take it with you trekking and not have to pay extra for a hot shower. When you go high into the Himalayas a hot shower isn’t usually possible. It’s usually too cold to shower, anyway.
2. If you are not a trekker you will want to bring a bottle of wrinkle release spray. Ironing is not possible in many countries like Nepal and it will keep your clothes looking nice.
3. Ear plugs. If you don’t have some you can ask the flight attendant on the way. Dogs can bark all night and people get up at around 5 am in many countries. If nighttime sounds don’t usually bother you keep in mind that jet-lag can increase small annoyances.
4. If you prefer natural alternatives to health problems bring charcoal and apple cider vinegar. They are excellent for digestive bacteria problems, but they can be difficult to find here. Pick up a good brand of apple cider vinegar at the health food store like Braggs along with charcoal tablets. Take a dose as soon as you feel rumblings as if problems are on their way and periodically as needed.
5. Extra debit/credit cards: Rupees come out of the ATM machines without any conversion charges. Just bring extra credit/debit cards, preferably 3-4 that have lots of different icons on the back.
6. Any electric/electronic product that will make your stay more comfortable. For example, I wish I’d have brought my electric toothbrush. I still miss it.
Note: Any electric product will work here with only a 300 rupee adaptor.

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